“Kate has a gift for writing music that is stylistically imaginative, eminently suitable for children’s voices and conveys messages of deep significance”

Peter Desmond
Head of Music & Performing Arts Haringey Council


A song cycle for 2000 young singers and instrumentalists.

One Small Bird

A song cycle for young singers and instrumentalists


A Musical & Animation project


The role of music in the struggle against apartheid
A creative performance Project

Music Theatre for Young People

Kate Stilitz is a composer, theatre director and workshop leader who specialises in creating new musical works for young people.

She collaborates with other artists to produce vibrant, ambitious new works, ranging from song cycles inspired by the natural world to musicals rooted in folk tales and myths.

Her projects offer young people opportunities to participate in high-quality musical performance, and she works closely with schools and partner organisations to create experiences for children that enrich the curriculum through the arts.

The premiere of One Small Bird at Royal Albert Hall, Haringey Schools Music Festival June 2016.

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