“Kate Stilitz has a deeply infectious enthusiasm for music, the arts and the natural world. Her creativity and musical prowess are incredibly impressive and she has a rare ability to inspire those around her to believe not only that they can achieve amazing things, but that they must.”

Martyn Foster

Head of Education, Families and Youth – RSPB

“The training was absolutely terrific. Such an amazing inspirational day. Lots of ideas for plans for teaching – incorporating music and dance, and the main part being that we’re going to create a meadow space for the children to enjoy and to bring the wildlife into our school playground.”

Yr 3 teacher

North Lincolnshire, Meadowsong training

“This bird has shown me a new perspective on the word “impossible””.

Talia, Yr 6

One Small Bird

“The music makes you believe the story, it is so powerful and has such a distinctive story behind it that’s true. It’s about a small bird that’s doing it’s best and trying to achieve its goal, and eventually, it does.” 

Lorna, Yr 5 pupil

One Small Bird

“The One Small Bird is absolutely beautiful…the opportunity for the children to sing in a choir with that beautiful orchestration. I think it is lovely that there are sections of the music where they are not singing, and just listen and wait for the cue to come back in. I think it is going to be a totally different experience from some of the other singing they have done.”

Graham Frost

Headteacher, Robert Ferguson Primary School, Carlisle

“Your songs Kate are absolutely amazing and the children were so enthused and inspired by singing them. I do hope we get to work together again soon.”

Toby Davies

Music Teacher, London

“The children’s understanding of the natural world and other places in the world outside of our inner-city environment has been greatly enhanced by this beautiful project which has allowed them to connect with nature in an immersive manner.”

Siobhan Barry

Assistant Headteacher, London. One Small Bird

“It was the most beautiful music and was an absolute joy to teach the children. They were instantly in love with the music, and the piece took them to a world that they hadn’t explored before.”

Laura Parfitt

Choir leader, London. One Small Bird

“Called on to say a few words after the performance I said that, although a bit late – my birthday had been the week before – it was the best birthday present I’d ever had.

I mentioned that I’d written a book called The Ghost Drum, which had been awarded the Carnegie Medal for best book of its year – and that this was better. And I mean it.

I’m proud of the medal, but it doesn’t quite compare with discovering that another artist has so enjoyed and ‘got’ something that you’ve written, that they’ve been willing to pour their own energy into creating something new from it. Thank you, Kate. And thank you, the wonderful cast.”

Susan Price

Carnegie Award Winner and Author of The Wolf’s Footprint

“Extremely engaging and a good combination of practical and discussion activities. Eager to plant our wildflower meadow.”

Yr 3 teacher

Meadowsong Training

“Kate has supported music and the performing arts at Highgate Primary School over many years, producing work of the highest quality.

Her skills as a writer and composer of children’s productions are exceptional. Year 3’s performance of ‘How the stars came to be’ combined beautiful narrative with music, dance and drama to produce a truly memorable piece of work.

Her skills as a teacher ensure wonderful participation, engagement and the highest levels of performance.”

William Dean

Headteacher, Highgate Primary School

“Kate has a gift for writing music that is stylistically imaginative, eminently suitable for children’s voices and conveys messages of deep significance.”

Peter Desmond

Head of Haringey Music Service

“The Meadowong training I’ve attended today has been absolutely brilliant – probably the best training I’ve ever been on, so if you get a chance to go on it, go on it. It’s well worth it.”

Yr 3 teacher

North Lincolnshire Meadowsong training

“As primary coordinator in Haringey, I was involved with all the schools that took part in the One Small Bird project and I have to say, it was the most fantastic thing to do…to have heard it and be part of it at the Royal Albert Hall was an extraordinary, amazing experience for all of us.”

Catty Alberman

Haringey Primary Music Coordinator

“I liked watching the birds flocking together in the sky, like a team, like best friends protecting each other. They moved like a wave and made such beautiful shapes, it opened my heart.”

Asmaa, Yr 5 pupil

One Small Bird

“I felt with the assembly and the planting of the meadow it was probably the best day I’d ever had at the school.”

Anita Chandler

Learning support assistant, London

“How to deliver teaching and learning of plants in a dynamic, exciting new way, a way to perform what has been learnt and share with a wider community. How easy it can be to create a meadow – don’t need lots of space for it to be effective and get children outside.”

Yr 3 teacher

Meadowsong training

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