Original art work by Sophie Charalambous

The Snow Queen

Words & music by Kate Stilitz & Sophie Charalambous

How far would you go to save your friend?


Gerda and Kay are best friends. When the town is visited by a mysterious figure on midwinter’s day and Kay disappears, Gerda is heartbroken and vows to find him.

Our story follows Gerda as she travels through the seasons, encountering a magical garden alive with dancing flowers, a talking crow, a warring king and queen, and a band of bloodthirsty robbers. Her quest will eventually lead her through the frozen forest to the Snow Queen’s palace. But will she arrive in time to save her beloved Kay?

The Snow Queen has been performed by children in years 5 and 6 at Tiverton, Sunnyhill and Ashmole primary schools and the Haringey NDC Children’s Theatre Company in London.

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