Exploring Wildflower Habitats

In this creative performance project, Year 3 and 5 pupils at Tiverton Primary School, Tottenham learned the Meadowsong song cycle, researched local wildlife, and planted a wildflower meadow in the school garden.

They participated in movement, music and visual art workshops through which a variety of species were explored, and they choreographed their own movement pieces and wrote songs inspired by wildflower habitats.

“I loved how the experience of being a flower was magical. If I was a flower, it would be nice to have the bees around to help us.” Lorraine, yr 5, Tiverton Primary

“The thing that was fascinating when we were doing the movement was that when you put on this type of music, it made me feel like I was a real flower…the song helped me to know all the wild flowers.” Nadia, yr 3, Tiverton Primary

“Normally you don’t get to show people how you feel because sometimes you might be shy. The time I danced and showed how I felt was like I was free, and everybody felt equal at that moment.” Ilias, yr 5, Tiverton Primary

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